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Stage 1: Discuss your requirements.

When you get in touch with us our first step is to discuss your
requirements. This is usually a face-to-face meeting however when this is not possible we can confer via telephone and email.
Even with a brief conversation with you we can help you select the type of website to suit your requirements. From a static brochure site to a fully updatable dynamic e-commerce system.
It may even be possible for us to arrange funding or grants to pay towards the cost of your project.

Stage 2: Your Custom Proposal/Package Purchase.
Depending on your requirements it may be that one of our website
packages will suit your needs.

If your project is more complex, requiring a custom built solution, then at this stage we would provide a proposal detailing and pricing a fully custom solution for you.

Stage 3: Design
Following either the purchase of your website package or upon the
receipt of a deposit for your custom solution, we will begin work on
your project.

In regards to a custom build this begins with a design process where
we would supply you with 2-3 concept design layouts created from
scratch by our design team. These designs are usually of the homepage and are used to produce the look and feel for the overall site theme. We will continue to develop the designs from your feedback until we have a final look and feel for the website.

If you choose a website package we supply you with a range of
pre-created designs from an extensive catalogue for you to choose
a basic look and feel for your website. Once you have selected a basic design we will then customise that basic layout and personalise it to your business.

We will require from you in some case’s sample content to use when
developing the designs.

Stage 4: Programming Development.
Once the design stage is finalised we will begin developing the
functionality for your website.

Stage 5: Testing.
The website functionality will under-go thorough testing by our developers
and then uploaded to a live testing server where you can access
it via the internet to test and check that everything is to your

Stage 6: Populating data.
In regards to a custom build, at this stage if your site has dynamic
sections that are updatable by you then you can begin populating the
website with your data.

Stage 7: Your completed site is launched live on the web!

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